• Smartphone and Web applications

    2D/3D model visualization

    Augmented reality applications

    Displaying observations of natural resources and man-made structures

  • Interactive software solutions

    User friendly experience

    Automated frameworks

    3D rendering on web browser and smartphone devices

    Data visualization for decision making

  • Helpful algorithms for data processing

    Intelligent data understanding with machine/deep learning algorithms

    3D model generation using smartphone images


    2D/3D measurements

    2D/3D changes

    Tracking moving objects

    Real-time data processing

  • Using power of sensors

    Time-of flight (TOF) cameras


    Smartphone cameras

    Panchromatic, multispectral, hyperspectral satellite sensors


  • Earth observation

    Natural resources

    Big data processing

    Feature extraction for understanding soil, water and vegetation properties

    3D building model generation


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