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farmAR is an augmented reality app which is supported by an advanced back-end of an artificial intelligence software implemented in fully automated cloud computing system.

The cloud computing system automatically collects the latest satellite observation data of the users' lands. The observation is processed, in order to understand important locations which need urgent attention (such as water need or start of disease). You can walk in the field with AR guidance, and reach to these important locations which we call geoTAGs or arTAGs.

Create AR content

You can make photos, add notes, create labels and keep your own content in certain locations of the land. Later, you can visualize your own photos, notes and labels in the field with the farmAR app.

You can read your past notes with augmented reality. Just like AR post-it's left in certain locations of the land.

You can visualize your past photos with augmented reality in the exact position where you took the picture. You can easily compare the past picture with the current situation.

In addition to that, the farmAR cloud computing platform uses artificial intelligence and deep learning to better understand satellite images of your land by analyzing your self-generated labels.

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The EU commission has selected the farmAR framework as the best B2B application of 2017
The innovation IP of farmAR technology is filed by create4D of Beril.

The farmAR app shows information about land and crops directly on the smartphone app with Augmented Reality (AR). The users in the field can access all the relevant information that is normally invisible to the naked eye. The information comes from automatic satellite data processing. The users can efficiently and effectively get satellite based AR guidence in the field.

Using the farmAR app, plants become healthier and soil becomes richer. The users save great amounts of time and money.


Please contact at if you are a business who would benefit from the farmAR framework.


Drone API

Oh, before you go!

We are working on creating farmAR API which can allow drone users to push their data. Our framework is capable of extracting geoTAGs (in other words arTAGs) from your drone images and let you use the augmented reality app fed by your own drone data (instead of satellite data or in addition to satellite data).

Please contact for further details.

How the app works

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