Beril Sirmacek, Dr. -Eng. in Computer Science
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Science at University of Twente

At Robotics and Mechatronics RAM, I am contributing to build a SLAM & AR toolbox for easy 3D reconstruction and visualization.
My ambition is to provide AR technology for skin-through visualization.
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3D computer vision for medical applications
Optimal estimation in dynamic systems

I am Dean at School of AI

I am a dean of School of AI. Find more about my AI mission in the Netherlands >>

Award Winning Intellectual Property


The EU commission has selected Beril's IP farmAR as the best B2B application of 2017

farmAR app shows information about vegetation health and soil moisture with a simple smartphone app. Besides providing satellite observation based automatically updated 2D maps, farmAR app provides an Augmented Reality (AR) guide. AR guide can point the sudden vegetation or moisture change locations which are not visible to human eye. User can pin-point these crucial locations (just like finding a Pokemon with AR), and take the right action before the situation becomes dangerous for crop health. Farmers can save huge amount of time and money by taking early action, if there are unhealthy condition changes are detected in the land. Since farmers can treat to very specific locations instead of spraying chemicals to the whole farm as a possible protection, they can save their resources by reducing unnecessary chemical usage. As a side effect, farmAR app causes plants to become healthier, and soil to become richer.

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